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Age calculator

A calculator for calculating your age and converting your birth date to Hijri, Arabic, Gregorian and solar dates

Age calculator

By using age calculator, you can know your age in years, months and days of Gregorian date, also the age calculator shows age in Hijri date that given different age because Hijri years is less than Gregorian years, other result you can find it in age calculator:

Birthdate in Gregorian date

Age calculator will give you the full birthdate of a Gregorian date in string format.

Birthdate in Hijri date

Your birthdate will be displayed in Hijri date so that it works as a converter between Gregorian date and Hijri date.

Calculate age in Gregorian date

With this calculator, you will find your full Gregorian age in years, months, and days.

Calculate age in Hijri date

Most people are unaware that they have an older age when they calculate their age using Hijri years; this is because Hijri years are shorter than Gregorian years. Many countries still use this technique.

Name of the birth day

What is the name of the day on my birthdate? One of the results of the age calculator is the day of the week when you were born.

Birthday counter

If you need to know how long until your birthday, this calculator will give you the exact time.